Belgaum Swimmers Club

In August 2019, we were signposted to a swimming club in the small city of Belgaum, India.

Belgaum Swimmers Club regularly has swimmers representing the club in the Indian Nationals. We have been told that some of these talented swimmers drop out of the sport in spite of achieving a high level because they cannot afford expensive racing equipment and nutritional advice.

Back in London, we organised a concerted fundraising campaign to ensure that these swimmers could get the equipment and the help they need in time for the 2020 Indian Nationals.

Our founder, Ahaan, a competitive swimmer himself, approached his club, Hatfield Swimming Club to work through some fundraising ideas. The club’s Head Coach, Janko Gojkovic, and Assistant Head Coach, Daniel Fogg were both very encouraging and helped Ahaan organise a sponsored swim for all squads in order to raise funds. Through this method, we were able to raise £710. We calculated that a total of 6572 lengths were swum during that evening. That’s over 200 kilometers!

Brand new raising suits were also generously donated by the club and parents of swimmers.

We also raised funds from friends, family, and well wishers through our Go fund me page and at the time of writing have raised £1141.