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Anand Charity bids adieu...

Dear Donors, Project Partners, Volunteers

I hope the New Year has been good to you and you are doing well.

As you may be aware, the last couple of years have been very challenging for us to fund-raise, with
the weak economic environment compounding to the situation. Since we could not raise our targeted
amount, we felt constrained in committing money to new projects. Nevertheless, due to continued
support from some donors, we were able to execute our ongoing work.

The current scenario requires us to spend more and more time on fund-raising. Despite our best efforts,
we feel that we will not be able to shoulder this additional burden while maintaining the same quality
and focus on projects as before. Hence, after considerable deliberation, the Anand Charity board has
decided to close down all activities
. I realize that this decision will deeply sadden many of you, but we
were left with no feasible alternative.

We are very proud of what Anand Charity has accomplished over the years. Since inception in 2008,
Anand Charity has disbursed over $70,000 to 9 different projects in various parts of India, impacting
more than 2500 underprivileged people providing them education, healthcare, and disaster relief. All
this would not have been possible without support from generous donors, hard work of the project
organizations, dedicated volunteers, and well-wishers. We thank you all for positively impacting the
lives of many.

As part of the wind-down process, we have decided to use the balance money of approximately $ 9000
to support Project Uddharana. This particular project has been consistently doing well over the years
and has hugely impressed us with their dedication and hard work. They will need our financial support
for some more time till they can find other resources. In parallel, we have started on the legal and
regulatory requirements for closing a non-profit organization.

It was great working with you and getting to know some of you personally. I wish you success in all your
endeavors and hope that you will continue your charity work. Unfortunately, we could not continue
longer. With a heavy heart, I bid adieu.

Ramakrishnan Vaidyanathan
President, Anand Charity


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Anand Charity's Impact Since Inception


The schematic above depicts some of the key statistics associated with Anand Charity since we started in 2008. All this would not have been possible without support from our generous donors, hard work of the project organizations, our dedicated volunteers, and other well-wishers. We thank you all for positively impacting the lives of many.


All donations are tax-exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3)
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Project Oorani solves the problem of water scarcity for Bhorajguda

The project was completed towards the end of 2010 and goal of the project was achieved successfully depicted by the pictures below. Now, the villagers are using the water from the pond for drinking and domestic purpose. Not only is the pond serving the Bhorajguda village, the nearby villages namely Dharmasagar (150 house hold) and Nizamgud (40 house hold) depend on Bhorajguda oorani during water scarcity in their villages. The people are very happy that their water problem is solved. They also feel a sense of pride and achievement in their collective action to solve their problem. They acknowledge the support extended by Anand Charity as a timely godsend to help them solve their problem.


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Project WHY completes 2011 changing the lives of children with education

Please see the attached report for an update on the activites in the year 2011.

We received some touching videos showing the progress of the children at Project WHY's Okhla centre:

Anand Charity is proud to have supported the Project WHY organization and videos like these motivate us to work harder to support the education of these great children!

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Inspiring feedback from Nanubhai drives continued support from Anand Charity

We are pleased to continue our ongoing support of Nanubhai's women's education initiative by funding an additional $1,500 scholarship - this scholarship will fully pay for college education (tuition, books, lab/ancillary fees) for one girl per year for the next 5 years. The scholarship is in addition to our prior initiative with Nanubhai to fund the education of 10 women (two girls scholarships for the next 5 years).

We would also like to share a vignette of one of the scholarship's recipients, Pinkal Mistry. Recently, two Fellows from the Nanubhai Education Foundation visited Pinkal's school, met with her and shared their thoughts with us:

Pinkal Mistry is a fresh-faced young woman who speaks English with great fluency and expression. When she describes her experiences at pharmacy school, her smile fills the room. She is third in her class, and proudly shows off a copy of her college transcript. Her passion for her chosen profession is evident, and she plans on going on to get her Master's degree.

"In India, the role of pharmacists is very small. There are many doctors, but pharmacists are even more important to help people. Many people are illiterate, and so it is the pharmacist who needs to explain the medicine to the people. It is so important."

As part of Pinkal's scholarship, the principal at Kadod High School, one of our partner schools, urged her to give back to the community. She now runs biology tuition (tutoring) classes for 12th grade students in Kadod. Pinkal Mistry is committed, passionate, and motivated, not only to improve her life, but the lives of others. The impact that she will have on her community is immeasurable. Scholarships that Nanubhai and the Anand Charity give will effect not only the recipients, but also entire villages. Pinkal is but one of many girls who will go on to change the world because of Nanubhai and Anand Charity.

Pinkal also contacts her friends from Nanubhai frequently to give them an update on her progress. In her most recent email to the Fellows at Nanubhai, Claire and "Saran" (Sarah), Pinkal wrote:

"Hi - My self Pinkal Mistry from Kadod, feels very happy to inform you that I got 78.3 % in 6th semester B.PHARM. My 7th semester is started. I want to inform you that I am so happy today as I met Miss Claire & Miss Saran & I gave my mark sheet xerox to them."

These stories of Pinkal and her fellow recipients is what excites us at Anand Charity. We are proud of our partnership with Nanubhai to support women's education in rural India and we look forward to your continued support and patronage.

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Fantastic progress update from Project Uddharana

Project Uddharana has been progressing very well. We are continuously getting good feedback from the students and their parents putting us in a fantastic position when compared to the previous years.

Students at Sai  Chaitanya Junior college, Kompally:

There are five students studying in this school with four in the intermediate first year and one in the second year. Out of the four first year students, 2 girls are new to our project.

As these two girls were from a Telugu medium background, they struggled in the initial months. However, they are now able to cope with the English medium. One of the girls has promised us to score 460/470 in his first year and wants her photograph to be on the college board. Our project has to take care of her as she does not have her parents and has a brother who is also studying through the project.

Children at Saraswathi Vidyalaya, Bandlaguda:

There are nine children studying in the Saraswathi Vidyalayam, Bandlaguda. All the children are faring well and there are no complaints from school authorities when compared to previous years. In the last week, we attended POSHAKULA SADASSU( Donor’s Meeting) at the school and spent some quality time with the kids. Traditional cultural programs like CHEKKA BHAJANA, KOLATAM etc. were organized on that day and our kids also took part in the same.

And finally our sincere thanks to each and every individual who are supporting us and driving the project in a right direction. Our special and sincere thanks to Anand Charity who are taking part in this project and looking forward to a long time association to further expand this project .

Project Plan for the next six months:

Normally the parents in this community from the same place or from other locations will approach us at Ramayam Pet. Mr. Jagannadh Rao and his team will collect the names, details regarding their financial status and their performance in the previous classes. They will prepare a list of verified students by the month of April i.e by close of this academic year. We will then decide the intake for the next academic year.

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Interviews with scholarship recipients


Student: Mohini Omkarsinh Mahida

Priya: Hi Mohini! How are you?
Mohini: Hi! I am fine.
Priya: What high school did you study in last year?
Mohini: I study in Kadod High School last year.
Priya: When did you graduate / leave the high school?
Mohini: I think March 2010.
Priya: Oh, very good. Which college do you go to now?
Mohini: I am in DC Shah BCA College, Mandvi.
Priya: What program do you study in?
Mohini: BCA (Bachelors of Computer Applications)
Priya: And how long is that program?
Mohini: The BCA course is about 3 years. That is 6 semesters.
Priya: Three years? What semester are you studying in now?
Mohini: Second semester.
Priya: Very good. What was your experience like at Kadod High School?
Mohini: Kadod High School is very important for me. [My academic performance
is good now because of Kadod High School. Many teachers and principals I like. He
always guidance for me in future.
Priya: The principal gave you guidance?
Mohini: Yes. He and many other teachers are always guidance for me, that what can I
do in future.
Priya: Oh, and were they friendly with you?
Mohini: Yes! Very friendly teachers, so I am very lucky and I am very happy for in
Kadod High School.
Priya: Very good. And what do you like about Mandvi College?
Mohini: Mandvi College is also important. But when I studied in Kadod High School,
then my mind is very happy. But in Mandvi College, it is not very happy.
Priya: After Mandvi College and your BCA program, what do you want to do?
Mohini: My dream is MCA [Masters of Computer Applications] in out of state.
Priya: Really? Where?
Mohini: In Pune.
Priya: Very good! And why do you think it is so important to get a masters degree?
Mohini: Because when I got a master degree, and job is coming, and I give job, my
salary is coming so my future is very happy.
Priya: Excellent. Why do you think college is so important?
Mohini: College is important, because when I study, then I get good jobs, and then I got
salary. Then my future is very best. So, I select my college.
Priya: Right. Do you think that it is important for girls to go to college?
Mohini: Yes. When girls are learning, then their future is very bright. So after her
marriage, and a person get her salary, then both are happy in future life.
Priya: Very good. Finally, Anand Charity gave you the Rs. 20,000 scholarship, so is
there anything you would like to say to them?
Mohini: Thank you!
Priya: What will this money help pay for?
Mohini: I will pay second semester fees.
Priya: Great, well thank you very much Mohini! Bye.
Mohini: Welcome, bye.


Student: Urvashi Budhilal Chaudhari

Priya: Hi Urvashi! How are you?
Urvashi: Hi maam. Fine.
Priya: Which high school did you go to?
Urvashi: I go to Kadod High School.
Priya: When did you leave?
Urvashi: 2010, last year.
Priya: In which stream were you?
Urvashi: My stream is arts faculty.
Priya: Which college do you go to now?
Urvashi: I go to Smt. Arts and Commerce College, Vyara.
Priya: OK. And what program do you study there?
Urvashi: Fine Arts BA with special subject English.
Priya: English! So you know English very well?
Urvashi: Yes.
Priya: And is this your first year in the program?
Urvashi: Yes.
Priya: Very good. So tell me about your experience in Kadod High School. Do you like
Mohini: Yeah, I like it.
Priya: Why did you like it?
Urvashi: The teachers is very kind and they help me every program, and every confusion
so I like the teachers.
Priya: You like the teachers. It is very important to have teachers who can explain
things, right?
Urvashi: Right.
Priya: Very good. What do you like the most about Smt. Arts College?
Urvashi: I like Smt. College, the teachers are teaching us very well.
Priya: What’s your favorite subject in college?
Urvashi: English!
Priya: Oh, great! What do you want to do after college?
Urvashi: After college, if I get most marks, then I do lawyer faculty. If I get medium
marks, I go teacher line.
Priya: Teacher’s line! Well we hope you become a lawyer if that’s what you want! Is
that something your parents want you to do as well?
Urvashi: Yes.
Priya: Finally, why do you think college is important for girls?
Urvashi: College is very important because girls are learning so she get a good job for
her future life and after marriage life also, she will get a good job.
Priya: Great, well thank you so much Urvashi! Bye.
Urvashi: Bye.

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Updates from the scholarship recipients

Mohini Omkarsinh Mahida
She has passed the HSC Examination (General Stream)
with 58.86% marks in March 2010. She has joined the BCA (Bachelor of Computer
Applications) course in Mandvi College. She is a very intelligent girl who has won many
awards in different curricular activities. Here is a listing of a selection of those awards:

1. She has passed the Primary Scholarship Examinations from the Education Board
Gandhinagar in 2002.
2. She received a certificate from the "Gujarat Shishtvachan Pariksha Trust" in 2004.
3. She received a certificate from "Sanskrit Prarambh Parikshayam" by Shree Bruhad
Gujarat Sanskrit Parishad, Ahmedabad in 2004.
4. She passed the "English Efficiency Examinations" organized by Shree Sadashiv
Foundation, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad and secured a grade of "Distinction" in 2005.
5. She passed the "Student Talent Search Test" in 2006 from the Education Board
6. She passed the Secondary Scholarship Examinations from the Education Board
Gandhinagar in 2006.

Her cultural activities have awarded her:
1. State level certificate for her dramatic performance by M.D. Mehta Education Trust,
Dhol (Jamnagar) in 2005.
2. Passing certificate for "Bhartiya Sanskriti Gnan Pariksha" in 2009, organized by
Shantikunj, Haridwar.

Urvashi Budhilal Chaudhari
She has passed the HSC Examination (General Stream)
with 70.29% marks in March 2010.

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Four students complete school year with great results!

The four students who were funded by Anand Charity in academic year 2009-2010
successfully completed the school year. To enable these students to continue their
education, Anand Charity is paying their school fees for the next academic year.
Additionally, one more girl student has been added to the program. The students range
from Std 7 to Std 11. A sum of Rs 1,00,000 has been paid for the academic year 2010-2011

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News@Anand - Volume 3, Issue 3

Greetings from Anand Charity.

We are happy to bring to you our latest quarterly newsletter - the third issue in our third year of operation.  

What's Inside News @ Anand
- Project Update: Nanubhai
- Project Update: Uddharana
- Project Update: Project WHY
- Project Update: Umang
- A teacher's experience at Project WHY
- Gratitude to our donors

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