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Anand Charity's Impact Since Inception


The schematic above depicts some of the key statistics associated with Anand Charity since we started in 2008. All this would not have been possible without support from our generous donors, hard work of the project organizations, our dedicated volunteers, and other well-wishers. We thank you all for positively impacting the lives of many.


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Change for $5 - progress update

 When we launched the campaign, we knew two things – the eagerness of each and every one of you to help, and basic arithmetic. For all of you who have believed in Anand Charity, and supported us in our numerous projects, you already know that every little bit can help. We are now grateful to offer you convincing evidence that every little bit does help!

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Change for 5 campaign - Help make a difference in India for just $5

 We are thrilled to announce the launch of our "Change for 5" campaign. Click here to learn how a contribution of just $5 can make a huge difference in India!

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Philanthropy is not just mere moral code

"Roger, the self-appointed captain of the lifeboat, proclaimed, "This boat can hold twenty people, and there are only twelve of us on the boat, and we have plenty of rations to last us till the rescue team arrives, which won't be more than 24 hours.

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Indian rural education and the role of microfinance

Last summer, my classmate from IIT Madras, Sharat Chandran dedicated a few months of his time to a rural village in Maharashtra, India. Sharat, who is currently pursuing an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, documented his thoughts from the trip. The following is an excerpt from his personal experiences in Mhaswad, Maharashtra.

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New website is live!

Anand Charity's new website is live! The website is easy-to-use and allows us to scale without much effort. The website also seemlessly integrates with our blog - the blog was a separate entity previously. It also integrates many of the Web 2.0 features and ties in very well with our presence on social networking websites.

We hope that you enjoy using the website as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Your suggestions and comments are welcome. 


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News@Anand - Volume 2, Issue 1

We are happy to bring to you our latest quarterly newsletter - the first issue in our second year of operation. The newsletter provides updates on our current projects. The impact that we have made in the last quarter would not have been possible without the support of generous donors like you.  

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Jan 2009 report on Nanubhai Project

As we step into the New Year, we are happy to publish our progress report on the Nanubhai Project. The grant from Anand Charity is aimed at empowering underprivileged students (from Standards 4 through 12) through English and IT enrichment programs. The preliminary benefits of both these programs have been evaluated and are summarized below.

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Jan 2009 update on the Oorani project

We are excited to report the progress made on the Oorani Project – the rain-water harvesting project that Anand Charity is implementing with the help of the Dhan foundation.

We obtained the following information through a recent conversation with the coordinator at Alidabad:

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Happy Holidays!

Anand Charity wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. It has been a great year for Anand Charity. We have come a long way from incorporation to funding five projects in India. Our work has been lauded by many and we have been a recipient of  important grants like the Google AdWords grant. We are proud to have made a significant impact to many lives in multiple places in India.

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