Change for $5 - progress update

 When we launched the campaign, we knew two things – the eagerness of each and every one of you to help, and basic arithmetic. For all of you who have believed in Anand Charity, and supported us in our numerous projects, you already know that every little bit can help. We are now grateful to offer you convincing evidence that every little bit does help!

We are as aware as you are that it is especially difficult to reach out and make charitable contributions in economically challenging times. But then comes the realization that an alarmingly large population in India has lived its entire life in economic distress. It is indeed in times like this, when evils of inflation are kept temporarily at bay, and the value of money is known and felt to the fullest, that even the smallest of contributions can go a long way.

In other words, if today you were to say to yourself, that you would forego standing in line at Starbucks to order a drink, and instead, spend that time and money to provide food, drinking water and shelter to a person rendered homeless by a hurricane, then you would have made a tremendous impact on that person’s life, without adding to your financial burden. This is the arithmetic we understood. We also understood that our target of $25,000 to support the various missions we have undertaken really meant encouraging everyone to just contribute what is easy for them. Considering that in just a short time after launching the campaign, the $5’s have made up over $6,000, we are confident that you will find the math very encouraging as well.

We have received great feedback so far, and many of the donors have said that it was actually “fun” to be a part of “Change for $5”. What better way can there be to spread happiness? We hope you will remain an integral part of this mission also help us spread the word. On behalf of all the beneficiaries of your support, we thank you all.


Our “Change for $5” campaign has been supported by:

41 anonymous donors

Aditya Bhashyam

Ajit Balagopal

Anand Natarajan

Anant Gupta

Anil Kumar Goteti

Anuradha Rangarajan

Deepa Radhakrishnan

Elisabete Oliveira

Ganapthy Kumar

Janani Chandrasekhar

Kapil Bhattad

Karan Kacker

Karthik Nagasubramanian

Karthik Veeramani

Kartikeya Murari

Kevin Carr

Lavanya Jayachandran

Lee Hower

Madhusudan Venkata

Muralidharan Raghavan

Neel Garg

Neeraja Balachander

Neeraja Subrahmaniyan

Nikesh Shah

Poorna Rajaraman

Priyadarshini Rajagopalan

Radha Ganapathy

Raghuram Doraiswami

Ramakrishnan Vaidyanathan

Rashmi Kulkarni

Sadgun Kambhampati

Sanketh Arvapally

Shankar Krithivasan

Shravan Subramanyam

Siddharth Barman

Sivakumar Gowrisankar

Srikanth Goteti

Srinjoy Mitra

Sriraam Natarajan

Sriram Kondapi

Sundaram Jeyasuresh

Thejaswi Bharadwaj

Varun Adibhatla

Vasumathi Kameswaran

Veena Valluri

Vijay Krishnamurthy

Vikas Chelluka



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