Grant Process


The grant process is a three stage process:

  1. Project selection: All charity organizations in India can submit a grant proposal (after we check references). Anand Charity's volunteers will also actively try to seek organizations and projects for funding. The grant proposal is thoroughly reviewed against pre-defined selection criteria. The Board of Directors then collectively decides on whether to fund the project. Whenever and wherever possible, every effort will be made to visit the project sites prior to approval and establish credibility, and evaluate the merits and weaknesses of the projects.
  2. Grant disbursement: On proposal approval, both Anand Charity and the funded organization will sign the terms of grant. The grant will then be disbursed.
  3. Project monitoring: The monitoring process involves regular updates from the organization, site visits by our volunteers and a final project completion report. Based on previously agreed upon terms specified in the grants agreement, accounting and progress details will be reviewed periodically and relayed back to the donors. A final project report giving all details and the impact made will be made available to all donors.


Grant Application

Organizations willing to submit a grant proposal are requested to kindly read the Projects page and Grant Process section above before filling out the proposal. We check references before inviting you to fill out a grant proposal - please contact us before filling out the grant application. 


  1. Grant proposal
  2. Terms of grant