Inspiring feedback from Nanubhai drives continued support from Anand Charity

We are pleased to continue our ongoing support of Nanubhai's women's education initiative by funding an additional $1,500 scholarship - this scholarship will fully pay for college education (tuition, books, lab/ancillary fees) for one girl per year for the next 5 years. The scholarship is in addition to our prior initiative with Nanubhai to fund the education of 10 women (two girls scholarships for the next 5 years).

We would also like to share a vignette of one of the scholarship's recipients, Pinkal Mistry. Recently, two Fellows from the Nanubhai Education Foundation visited Pinkal's school, met with her and shared their thoughts with us:

Pinkal Mistry is a fresh-faced young woman who speaks English with great fluency and expression. When she describes her experiences at pharmacy school, her smile fills the room. She is third in her class, and proudly shows off a copy of her college transcript. Her passion for her chosen profession is evident, and she plans on going on to get her Master's degree.

"In India, the role of pharmacists is very small. There are many doctors, but pharmacists are even more important to help people. Many people are illiterate, and so it is the pharmacist who needs to explain the medicine to the people. It is so important."

As part of Pinkal's scholarship, the principal at Kadod High School, one of our partner schools, urged her to give back to the community. She now runs biology tuition (tutoring) classes for 12th grade students in Kadod. Pinkal Mistry is committed, passionate, and motivated, not only to improve her life, but the lives of others. The impact that she will have on her community is immeasurable. Scholarships that Nanubhai and the Anand Charity give will effect not only the recipients, but also entire villages. Pinkal is but one of many girls who will go on to change the world because of Nanubhai and Anand Charity.

Pinkal also contacts her friends from Nanubhai frequently to give them an update on her progress. In her most recent email to the Fellows at Nanubhai, Claire and "Saran" (Sarah), Pinkal wrote:

"Hi - My self Pinkal Mistry from Kadod, feels very happy to inform you that I got 78.3 % in 6th semester B.PHARM. My 7th semester is started. I want to inform you that I am so happy today as I met Miss Claire & Miss Saran & I gave my mark sheet xerox to them."

These stories of Pinkal and her fellow recipients is what excites us at Anand Charity. We are proud of our partnership with Nanubhai to support women's education in rural India and we look forward to your continued support and patronage.

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