• 'Anand' in Hindi means joy or happiness. It is derived from the Sanskrit word 'anandam'.
  • Anand Charity is a U.S. based non-political, non-religious and non-profit charity organization, committed to improving the standard of living of the people in India.
  • It has been instituted and operated exclusively for the purpose of charity under US Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c) (3).
  • Co-founded by a group of volunteers from different backgrounds such as engineering, finance, and business management.



Inaccessible healthcare, lack of adequate primary education, and insufficient support during natural disasters and other calamities are some of the challenges that plague the Indian society. Anand Charity envisions providing these basic amenities to all Indians without any discrimination.



Anand Charity aims to identify and provide need based financial support to organizations involved with health care, primary education and disaster management in India. As the name implies, Anand Charity will infuse joy and happiness into the lives of individuals and communities by eradicating poverty and other social challenges.


How we operate

  • Our volunteers in India will identify projects ( through nonprofit organizations operating in India and US) related to healthcare, education and disaster relief.
  • The Board of Directors of Anand Charity will then evaluate and choose to fund some of these projects based on criteria, among others, such as need, impact and budget.
  • Donations will be solicited from like minded individuals and organizations in the United States . The donors will have the option to choose the project(s) to donate to.
  • Funded projects will be continuously monitored by our volunteers or partners in India. The progress and impact made will be conveyed to all donors on a regular basis.