Project FAME

Foundation for Action Motivation and Empowerment (FAME INDIA) was started by Mr. N.S. Raghavan and Mrs. Jamuna Raghavan with five students, one special educator, one part time physio therapist and an attendant in 2001. FAME started with a focus on lesser privileged children with neuro- muscular disorders residing in the southern part of Bangalore. Additional facilities such as, a glass of milk and biscuits for lunch and pick up/drop van facility was provided at school for the students. In 2007 FAME created a self employment platform for the students above 18 years of age. An additional building was rented for this purpose and provided space for the Production activity.

The organization’s mission is

  • to enable and empower people with multiple neuro-muscular disorders to lead a life with dignity and self respect. 
  • to maximize their potentials and help them to be as self reliant as possible.

Every activity is based and structured for the betterment and empowerment of the special people we are training. The furniture bought are designed by our Physio Therapists team to facilitate better productivity in the students.
This activity will help the immobile children to be mobile and more effective in carrying out their roles of responsibilities which they are are capable of doing.

Anand Charity @ FAME:

The goal of FAME resonates well with the twin goals of Anand Charity viz, education and health-care. Anand Charity has joined hands with FAME to enhance the infra-structure of the school by assisting in the procurement of chairs for the disabled kids.

The grant from Anand charity will go towards the purchase of 

  • Wheel chairs: for the younger group. They provide better accessibility and mobility which in turn enables and empowers them
  • Chairs: specially designed for the students of the pre- vocational class. Provides the right kind of seating for people with disabilities.

Nearly twenty five students will benefit from this grant. Anand Charity is providing 100% of the funds for obtaining the furniture.  Anand Charity is teaming up with ASHA Chennai to execute this project. A total of 35 chairs (5 wheel chairs and 30 specially designed chairs)  are being bought for FAME.

Project Monitoring

  • FAME will be responsible for buying and maintaining the furniture
  • The funds to FAME will be routed through ASHA Chennai
  • This project will be executed with the assistance of Mrs. Janaki from FAME and Prof. Kamakoti from ASHA Chennai
  • This is a one-time grant and Anand Charity will release the funds in one installment
  • A volunteer from Anand Charity will visit FAME to monitor the purchase of the furniture


Project Value: 
Project Completion Date: 
Tue, 2009-12-15