Project Uddharana

Human Action for Rural Development (HARD) is a non-political secular voluntary social service organization working for the integrated development of rural communities in Andhra Pradesh since 1985. The objective/mission of HARD is holistic development of rural India. It helps vulnerable communities attain sustainable development with self dignity and respect. HARD has been currently involved in: 

  • Prevention of Child Trafficking and HIV/AIDS
  • School health sanitation and education promotion
  • Promotion of Child rights
  • Welfare of the aged
  • Holistic development activities for BPL families

Anand Charity @ HARD: Rehabilitation of sex workers' children

Anand Charity is very pleased to offer its share in helping this organization in providing a quality life for the people.The grant from Anand Charity will be used to pay the current academic  year (2009-2010) fees for four students from the Dommara community near Hyderabad (whose parents indulge in prostitution). Providing education to these students have several benefits

  • Provide them with the power of decision making to choose between right and wrong.
  • Help them realize the opportunity available for them outside their current world.
  • Help them acquire the necessary HIV awareness and provide knowledge of preventive measures. Unemployment/absence of education is one of the main reasons forcing the girls into Prostitution

Anand Charity has transferred Rs. 78000/- to support HARD in providing these girls and boys with the education they need to live a respectable/sustainable life in the future. HARD's objective to reduce and control the spread of HIV/AIDS fits perfectly with Anand charity's goals.

We are unable to share pictures or details of the children because we would like to keep their identity anonymous. 

Project Monitoring:

  • HARD will be responsible for the utilization of funds provided in the education of the children. 
  • HARD will provide periodic reports to Anand Charity on the academic performance of the children and utilization of funds.
  • The project will be executed with the assistance of Mr. Sriram and Mr. Maruthi who have founded Uddharana. 
  • One of our donors has already visited the project site and has shared his positive experience with us. We will share the details of the site visit on our blog very soon.


Project Value: