Types of Projects

Anand Charity funds projects related to healthcare, education and disaster management in India. This is done by carefully choosing organizations in India that run projects which strategically mesh with the organization's vision and mission. A few of the criteria against which projects are evaluated are: credibility, chance of success, impact and sustainability. Anand Charity does not fund individuals directly.

We believe that this is a good way to get involved with the community and contribute to its overall development. Any effort in this regard, however big or small, is significant.

Types of projects


medical cross

Health Care:  Enormous costs associated with fees, medicines and other medical procedures puts healthcare out of the common man’s reach. Our primary goal is to facilitate easy access to both, basic healthcare and specialized treatment by providing for these costs.

boy with school bag

Education: We believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Education provides the children with good defense against exploitation, discrimination and poverty and will transform them into model citizens.

Gujarat earthquake

Disaster Relief: Our third goal is to provide financial support to communities and non-profit organizations, including the government of India, at times of natural disasters and calamities such as the Gujarat earthquake, tsunami etc. The affected people will be provided immediate relief in terms of food, water, medicine and shelter.

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